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As a professional speaker and trainer, Robb considers himself to be a living breathing roller coaster ride because of the many ups and downs which have molded him into who he is today. Even after more than a decade as a speaker, presenter & facilitator, and after holding many high-level management positions with some very well-known companies, he still prefers to look to his role models and mentors to bear the torch of "leader" rather than carrying it himself.

As a "Speaker," Robb stepped up to the microphone in 1986 when a cocaine overdose took the life of a childhood friend which threw that friendís memory, and anyone near it into what became an international media frenzy. At the request of his former teacher and life-time mentor, Robb reluctantly agreed to speak about his feelings on the situation while sharing his own traumatic growth experiences before a high school audience of students and teachers. This emotional task helped him to realize that he has a message to share. Today his speeches have taken on a more upbeat and motivational tone, often using music and comedy to relate to his audiences which now include Government Agencies, Non-Profit Groups and Corporate America.

As a member of the "Human Services Community," he got his start early working for a Parks and Recreation organization as a teenager. As an adult, his positions gained more substance when he moved to the mountains to hike hundreds of miles, live in tents, and make a difference as a Wilderness Counselor working with "At-Risk Youth." That challenge was equaled by ten years as a YMCA Youth and Camping Services Director. Still involved as a volunteer with many organizations and causes, Robb now feels that human services is a way of life for him, not an occupation.

The Mapatazi flag has been carried far and wide. The states shaded green on this map indicate only the US portion of Mapatazi visits in the most recent two year period.

As an "Entrepreneur," Robb made the decision to incorporate after losing a promising job. He decided that with bills to pay and a family to start, he could either feel sorry for himself for a while or he could bounce back stronger than ever and be a success. Within three weeks, Robb had a corporate name (Mapatazi, Incorporated), business cards, a business checking account, a corporate ID number, a not too stuffy title (The Big Kahuna) a spot on the World Wide Web (www.mapatazi.com) and most important - CLIENTS.

Welcome to the world of Mapatazi.


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