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Before booking your next speaker, ask him or her, why they do what they do. When the leader of Mapatazi is asked how he chose this profession, his answer is very simple, he declares: "I didn't choose this profession, this profession chose me, I just agreed."

A special speech can be prepared for your event or you can select one of Mapatazi's proven speeches, which of course will be tailored for your event, the needs of the participants and what's happening in the world.

Mapatazi understands that the moment a speaker takes the stage is a critical moment not just for the speaker, but more important, for the organization.

No two speeches are ever the same. Robb Wilmot shares his personal experiences, current events, and a wealth of resources including multimedia presentations and most importantly - HUMOR to relay his message. Listed below are links to "sneak previews" of some of Mapatazi's more popular topics. 

The Choice is Mine  |  Left Instead of Right  |  The Leader Within  |  A Solid Foundation



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